Tierna Town Oulu  |  Finland

The weeks around Christmas are known as Tierna Time in Oulu, which is the home of the Tierna Boys.

Stars twinkle in downtown Oulu and there is program for everyone from the end of November to St Canute’s day in the middle of January. No matter if you’re near or far – it’s a great time to come to Oulu and see the traditional Tierna Boys pageant, enjoy the atmosphere of the season and do your Christmas shopping!

The brightest stars of the season are of course the Tierna Boys, who make their rounds singing the traditional Christmas story. The Tierna Boys tradition is alive and well in Oulu. Did you know that the first Tierna Boys competition was arranged here as long ago as in 1933? This year also the annual Tierna Boys competition will be arranged at Rotuaari Square on pedestrian street area in the end of November – come and cheer for your own favourites!

Watch the Tierna Town animated video by clicking the picture below: