Tierna Foundation

The Tierna Foundation was established in Oulu, Finland, in 2005 to develop and preserve the strong Tierna Boys tradition of Oulu (Sternsingen, Drei Königen, Three kings of Orient).

The main purpose for the foundation is to preserve and develop both the international and local Tierna Boys tradition as well as marketing of Tierna Town Oulu as the Christmas city.

In order to fulfill its purpose, the foundation:

  • fosters, develops and co-ordinates gathering information of the tradition, research ja exhibition activities as well as organising any cultural events and education related to the tradition;
  • supports the possibilities for product development and protection, with means and general principles based on the tradition as well as scientific research;
  • informs and communicates any intererst groups about the tradition as well as activities and events related to it;
  • supports financially other activities based on the foundations main purpose and principles.