Tierna Boys Competition

18.-19.11.2017 at Rotuaari Square

Open for everyone, the Tierna Boys Competition takes place in fair and square Christmas spirit. The purpose of the competition is to enhance and develop the Tierna Boys tradition still living today in the City of Oulu.

The series:

  1. General Series: a traditional Tierna Boys pageant performed for the most part in unison by four persons.
  2. The traditional series of Oulu - city of Tierna Boys: a Tierna Boys pageant in Oulu tradition performed in unison by four persons. This series is for boys, and boy voices only.
  3. Modifications: A Tierna Boys pageant, in content or musically modified.

It is free of charge to take part in the competition. Three best from each series will be awarded a prize. In addition the jury will nominate among all participants the Herod of the year, The King of Moors of the year, Mänkki (Star twirler) of the year and Knihti (Herod's servant) of the year. The jury will also nominate the ambassador team of Oulu for the upcoming year.

Additional Information
For more information about the competition and enrollments, please contact the office of Tierna Foundation.